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The Colloquia are manuals written to aid historic Greeks and Romans get round in every one other's languages; they comprise examples of ways to behavior actions like purchasing, banking, traveling neighbors, internet hosting events, taking oaths, profitable court cases, utilizing the general public baths, having fights, making excuses and going to varsity. They hence supply a distinct glimpse of lifestyle within the Early Roman Empire and are an immense source for figuring out historic tradition. they've got, even if, been unjustly overlooked simply because before there have been no glossy variations of the texts, no translations into any sleek language, and little knowing of what the Colloquia are and the place they arrive from. This publication makes the Colloquia available for the 1st time via combining a brand new version, translation and statement with a ground-breaking, accomplished research in their origins. it's basically written and may curiosity scholars, non-specialists students alike.

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Lava calicem, aqua calida tempera; valde enim sitio. misce omnibus. ‘Wash a cup, combine [a drink] with scorching water; for I’m very thirsty. combine [some] for everybody. c τίς τί θέλει; ἢ ἀρτυτὸν ἦ κάροινον; αὐτὸ ἐκείνῳ κέρασον. σὺ τί θέλεις; πλῦνον ποτήριον. quis quid vult? aut conditum aut caroenum? ipsum illi misce. tu quid vis? lava calicem. Who wishes what? Spiced wine or candy boiled wine? combine it for him. You, what do you need? Wash a cup. 10t1  kaiagorasateimin Z W: kay- R: kaiagorate- T emitte R T lineam om. E 2  apotibalaniuleptosperma Z R T: -balamu- W a balneo Krumbacher: albaneo M lineam om. E three  cetermus T: ceth- Z W: cet῾(= ceth-) R lupinos Krumbacher: lubinos M lineam om. E four  oxyciamia T W: oxi- Z R fabas W E: favas Z R T Y καί et et supplevit Krumbacher lineam om. E 10u1  calose lusu M lavasti Z R W: labasti T: lavisti Y E 2  calos sueste M ἔστω E: ἔσται Krumbacher 11a1  doteode thronis Z R T: dotheodetronis W cathedras R T W: kathedras Z Y: sedes E 2  difrys bathron R: dyf- Z: dyfrys batron W: dyfris batron T three  dyedron Z R T: diedron W bisellium T E: bysellium Z R W: bissel(l)aum okay P four  proscefaleon M cervical E five  cathezu M 6  cathime M 7  tistecis T: thistecis W: tystecis Z R: τί στήκεις E: τί ἑστήκεις B 11b1  plynon poterin Z R T: plin- W: πλύνον ποτήριον E calice T 2  ὕδατι θερμῷ E: synceraston R T W: σινκεραστον Y: synecraston Z aqua calida Z T Y E: aqua calidam R: aquam calidam W three  syncerason M tempera M: misce E four  panigardipso Z R W: -dypso T sitio W E: sicio Z R T Y five  cerason pasin T W: cerasonipason Z R πᾶσι E 11c1  tistitheli Z R: tistiteli T: tisthiteli W quis quid E: quisque M 2  iartyton Z R: iartiton T: larthiton W: λατιτον Y aut M: ut A N: vel D G B okay P three  ἢ κάροινον Krumbacher: carinon M: ἢ καρηνόν E aut M: ut A N ok: vel D G B P carenum M E four  vehicle etinucefason T: -incef- Z R: autotemucefason W: αυτοζινψεφασο Y five  sintithelis Z R: syntitelis T: sinthithelis W 6  plynon poterion Z R W: plin- T calice T one hundred thirty TE X T, TR A N S LAT I O N, AND CR I T I CAL APPAR AT US d κέρασόν μοι θερμόν, μὴ ζεστὸν μήτε χλιαρόν, ἀλλὰ συγκεραστόν, καὶ ἔκχεε ἐκεῖθεν ὀλίγον. βάλε νηρόν. πρόσθες ἄκρατον. misce mihi calidum, noli ferventem neque tepidum, sed temperatum, ‹et› effunde deinde modicum. mitte recentem. adice merum. combine me a scorching drink, don’t [make it] boiling nor lukewarm, yet tempered; after which pour out a bit. installed clean water. upload wine. ’ e Τί στήκετε; καθέζεσθε, ἐὰν θέλετε. Ἀναπέσωμεν. Ποῦ κελεύεις; Ἐν πρώτῳ τόπῳ ἀνάπεσε. Quid statis? sedete, si vultis. Discumbamus. Ubi iubes? In primo loco discumbe. ‘Why are you status up? take a seat, if you would like. ’ ‘Let’s recline. ’ ‘Where do you direct [us to recline]? ’ ‘Recline within the first position. ’ f Δόθ’ ἡμῖν ὑδρόγαρον. δὸς ἡμῖν γεύσασθαι μολόχας ζεστάς. ἐπίδος μοι χειρεκμάγιον. κομίσατε. Date nobis hydrogaron. da nobis gustare malvas ferventes. porrige mihi mappam. afferte. ‘Give us fish-sauce ready with water. supply us to style boiled mallows. Hand me a serviette. carry [it]. g βάλε ἐλαιόγαρον εἰς τὸ ὀξυβάφιον. μέρισον τὰ ὀνύχια. κατάκοψον κοιλίδιον, πλεκτὴν ἐξ ὕδατος.

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